December Starfish Story: Kincheloe Elementary volunteers

Published 8:05 am Thursday, December 31, 2015

Submitted photo

Submitted photo

The students at Kincheloe Elementary are blessed all through the school year by the giving of our community members.

Throughout the school year, but especially at this time of year, people cheerfully offer support. In the fall, donated backpacks and school supplies are dropped off.

As the weather begins to get cooler, the Speedy Hands Knitters, who meet at the COA, work to make mittens and hats that keep hands and heads warm and dry. The Silver Creek United Methodist Church also donates gloves and mittens.

The 4W 4-H Club donated food for Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets.

Snacks for students have been donated by Kincheloe families.

As the snow begins to fly, area churches begin to call to offer help with snow pants and winter coats for our students. In the spring, jackets appear.

Many times, parents and grandparents will stop in the office to ask if we could use extra items for our students. They will bring us shirts, sweat pants, underwear and socks to use when accidents occur.

Each of these gifts directly impacts our students. One at a time, our students’ needs are met and families benefit.

The Kincheloe students, families, and staff appreciate your generosity and giving.

There are many starfish in our lives.


Cathy Stone

Principal, Kincheloe Elementary