Volunteer of the Week: Bob Barton, Cass County COA

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bob Barton, a resident of Dowagiac, is a retired factory worker and a longtime volunteer with the Cass County COA. He currently helps out at the COA’s Dowagiac branch, Front Street Crossing.

Bob Barton

Bob Barton


What kind of volunteer do you do work with the COA?

I participate in the aerobic classes, and I check people into the exercise and aerobic classes. You have to know who comes and all that.

After I get done with that, I volunteer over at the fitness center. I help people if they have problems or don’t know how to do something with the weight room. I help in there for the rest of the time.


What made you want to help out with the fitness classes?

I’ve been doing the aerobic stuff for years. When over in Cass, they started the fitness room over there, and they asked me if I would help, and I said yes. So I did. When Dowagiac got built I went over here since I didn’t have to drive as much.


What kind of things do you help with in the fitness room?

People who have been there long enough know what to do on all the machines, but if somebody needs help on what to do on a machine, I help them out.


How many days do you volunteer?

On Sunday, Monday and Friday — three days a week.


Why do you like volunteering with the COA?

It keeps me busy at least three days a week. I enjoy being with the people. It gives you something to do.


Is there anything you want to say to encourage people to help out with the COA?

If you have some spare time, they could always use help at the front desk and everything else in there. It’s a nice place.


People interested in volunteering with the Cass County COA can find out more by contacting their offices at (269) 445-8110, or visiting their website, http://www.casscoa.org/volunteer/volunteering-coa.


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