Laing maintains Football Forecasters lead

Published 8:48 am Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wolverine Insurance’s Bruce Laing has a one-game lead over Dowagiac Athletic Director Brent Nate and Cass County Family Court Judge Sue Dobrich after the first 10 games of the bowl season.

Laing is now 109-41, while Nate and Dobrich at 108-42.

Southwestern Michigan College’s Tom Atkinson and Brandywine Superintendent John Jarpe are another game back at 107-43, while Leader Publications Sports Editor Scott Novak stands in sixth place with a mark of 106-44.

Eight of the next 10 bowl games have been completed with Pittsburgh taking on Navy and Central Michigan facing Minnesota in the Military Bowl and the Quick Lane Bowl respectively Monday.

Atkinson has correctly picked six of those eight games, while Laing, Nate and Dobrich have five correct picks.

Cooper and Novak also have five correct picks with Proos and Kozal both having four correct selections.


Leader Publications

Football Forecasters

Bruce Laing 109-41

Brent Nate 108-42

Sue Dobrich 108-42

Tom Atkinson 107-43

John Jarpe 107-43

Scott Novak 106-44

Dennis Cooper 104-46

John Proos 103-47

Tim Kozal 100-50

Jeff Upton 98-52

Frank Williams 96-54

Fred Upton 96-54

Allison Hayes 96-54

Kevin Dean 94-56

Nicole Bates 99-51

Sarah Britton 95-55