Job creation greater with Democrat in the White House

Published 6:04 pm Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One of the many myths that Republican politicians have foisted on the American people is that Republican presidents are better able to stimulate job creation than are Democratic presidents. The facts are totally the opposite.

The nonpartisan website Truthful Politics ( examined average annual job creation under Republican and Democrat presidents since 1941. They found the following facts:

• Almost twice as many jobs (including both private and public sector jobs) have been created when a Democrat was in the White House. The average yearly number of jobs created during Democrats’ presidential terms was 1,748,610. The average number during Republican presidential terms was 880,500.

• Democrat dominance is especially pronounced when it comes to private sector job creation. More than twice as many private sector jobs have been created under Democrat presidents than under Republicans (an annual average of 1,536,560 versus 650,330).

• Of the six presidents who were in office when the highest number of jobs was created, five were Democrats: Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama (through August, 2015).

Republican presidential candidates repeatedly claim that Republicans know how to stimulate private sector job growth and Democrats do not. The facts demonstrate that the opposite is true. Not only has overall job growth been much higher under Democrat presidents, the vast majority of that job growth has been in the private sector.

Please keep these facts in mind as you consider which candidate to vote for in next year’s presidential election.


Larry Feldman