AV Club draws attention to athletes

Published 11:24 am Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The club in the spotlight this issue is the Audio Visual Club, whose goal is to give publicity to all sports. The club wants to give an opportunity for everyone to watch Dowagiac athletics and see highlight reels created and edited by club members.

Sara Wright

Sara Wright

Sara Wright is the president and coordinator of the AV club. Her responsibilities include recording games, editing the film, and recruiting members to join the club. She is also in charge of getting final approval for the club from Principal Kelly Millin as well as receiving approval from the student senate. The AV Club is not a recognized club yet, due to these challenges. Wright is doing her best to publicize the club and get adequate funding to buy more cameras.

The AV Club is unique compared to other clubs because it is focused on sports only, and benefits the student body directly by offering a unique perspective on various sports.

The club is accepting anyone who wants to join, whether they are tech savvy or not. Members do not have to be experienced with cameras or editing because fellow members will teach new members and help them through the learning process.

Wright has many reasons why she likes the Audio Visual Club.

“It gives a new light to the sport you are recording,” Wright said.

Being behind the camera, Sara has to know what the audience wants to see: great touchdown passes, great dunks and great rallies between teams. The audience wants good fast action.

“You need to learn the sport in order to find good plays,” Wright said. “I learned more about certain sports, and now I enjoy watching them because I understand them.”

The club president has high hopes for the organization, and wants it to become officially recognized by the school. She also wants to buy backboard cameras for basketball, and sell film reels and taped games to raise funds for the club.

At this time, funding is the primary obstacle. Without official status, the club cannot receive money from the school, which they desperately need.

If any student is interested in becoming a sports announcer, a news reporter or anchor person, or if anyone would simply like to work behind the camera in television or film production, contact Sara Wright. Her email address is sjwright@dusstudents.org.