Late councilman took action on his love for community

Published 10:40 am Friday, December 4, 2015

It is often said that serving as a small-town elected official in positions like school boards and city councils is a grueling, thankless job. That doesn’t appear to have been the case when it comes to Scott Clark.

Thousands of people came out this week to say “thank you” for Clark’s 18-years of service on the Niles City Council. The sixth generation resident passed away at the age of 57 and was laid to rest Wednesday.

The long time business owner of Clark’s Service, the man never left any ambiguity about where you stood with him. He was a dedicated public servant who put in the time and effort to try and make a difference.

Many people talk about the need for change or point fingers at others when something doesn’t go their way. Clark took action by becoming a leader and ensuring that he had a voice.

He didn’t serve on council for prestige or any other accolade. He simply felt this was another way he could give back to the community he loved.

Although there will never be another Scott Clark, there are individuals in each of our communities who also share this civic pride and commitment to service. It would be impossible to name them all here and someone would certainly be left out.

Unfortunately, we still need more leaders to step up.

Our communities are only as strong as the citizens are willing to make them. It certainly takes hard work, commitment, personal sacrifice and the willingness to work as a team. These traits are easy to talk about but far more difficult to embody.

Scott Clark did that, leaving an example and legacy for others to follow.


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