Fundraiser started for Niles family that lost everything in fire

Published 9:20 am Monday, November 30, 2015

A fundraiser has been set up for a Niles family that lost all of their belongings during a fire last week.

Kourtni Biggs, 25, said her husband, Brandon, and their three children, ages 5, 2 and four months, have nothing left but themselves after a fire destroyed the home they were renting at 2529 Terminal Road just before noon Sunday, Nov. 22.

“We lost everything,” said the 2009 Brandywine graduate. “My husband’s wedding ring was on the dresser… birth certificates, pictures of the kids, clothes… it is everything.”

The family was staying at a friend’s house at the time of the fire because the power had gone out at their home.

Kourtni said firefighters told her the blaze began as a result of power surge when the electricity was restored.

A neighbor spotted the fire and called 911. Kourtni said their landlord called them.

“When I got the call we jumped in the car and went straight there,” she said. “We saw the house pretty much burnt to the ground. It has been overwhelming.”

The Biggs, who have lived in Niles their whole lives, moved into the home two weeks ago.

Kourtni said they moved the last of their belongings into the house the day before the fire started.

She said they do not have renter’s insurance, but were planning on purchasing it the following week.

Right now, the family is staying at a friend’s house until they can find a place to stay full time.

“Our goal is to find a house soon so the kids can wake up in their own place on Christmas morning,” she said.

People wanting to help the family can do so by donating to an account at any Fifth Third Bank. Ask for donations to be placed in the account of Patricia Deboever (a family member).

“We are grateful that we still have each other for the support that we’ve received from everybody,” Kourtni said. “All the help we are getting is just amazing.”