Athlete Showcase: Dowagiac’s Zach Davis

Published 8:05 am Friday, November 6, 2015

Zach Davis is a senior on the Dowagiac tennis team.


What has been one of your greatest

accomplishments as an athlete?

ZD: Being named No. 1 singles as a sophomore.

What has been one of your biggest

disappointments as an athlete?

ZD:  Never making it into the winner’s bracket of our conference tournament.

What has been a hardship in your life?

ZD:  Being dedicated to too many activities and not being able to give 110 percent to everything.

Who is a “hero” in your life and why?

ZD:  My parents are heroes in my life. While their jobs cause them to be very consumed in work they still try to be supportive the best that they can be.

When are you the most nervous while you are competing?

ZD:  When it’s match point and I’m on my second serve.

Describe an embarrassing athletic moment.

ZD:  Back peddling on the basketball court when no one was around me. I tripped and fell.

How do you tend to workout/train when by yourself?

ZD:  I don’t get to workout/train very much, but when I do I go for a 2-mile run and I will work on my serve.

What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not playing yours?

ZD:  None. I love the sport I play and would never give it up.

Who would you say is your “biggest fan?” Why?

ZD:  My mom is my biggest fan because she attends every match that she can.

How would you give away $50,000?

ZD:  I would donate money to our tennis team and the rest to all other sports teams.

If you could be the head coach of a team for a year, what team would you choose?

ZD:  The Detroit Lions. I’d lead them to the Super Bowl!

If I did not play sports, I would…?

ZD:  I would not be the person I am today, but I would be more involved in the musicals and more involved with 4-H.

What is the most challenging thing for you to do in your sport?

ZD:  Finding time to practice during the offseason because I play three sports.

If you could change one rule about your sport, what would it be?

ZD:  That you can serve to anywhere in bounds, not just the service box.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

ZD:  You’re such a nice guy.

What was the scariest thing you have had to do? Are you glad you did it?

ZD: Playing No. 1 singles as a sophomore. I am very happy that I did this.

What was the last thing you saw someone do that really impressed you?

ZD:  Hit the ball with as accurate precision as Otsego’s No. 1 singles.

What is your favorite hobby? Why?

ZD: Playing sports because I love competition.

Choose one word to describe yourself:

ZD:  Respectful.