Where are the 3D movies?

Published 10:22 am Thursday, October 22, 2015

As have many southwest Michigan residents, I have enjoyed attending movies at Wonderland Cinema/Moore Theaters in Niles.

My question for them concerns their recent lack of 3D presentations.

Despite their ads mentioning the additional ticket cost, price of glasses, etc., Moore Theaters have not shown one 3D presentation in the entire year of 2015. Does Wonderland Cinema no longer have the digital projector capabilities for 3D anymore?

Over the last six months, I have attempted to contact them via their website’s “contact us” page and have had absolutely no response or attention given. So much for good public relations/business professionalism. Maybe they don’t have to, being the only game in town.

I’m hoping this letter may elicit some response to me personally or to the Niles Daily Star/Dowagiac Daily News.

Gary E. Bailey