2,258 residents ‘attend’ Proos tele-town hall

Published 9:11 am Monday, October 5, 2015

LANSING — During a tele-town hall meeting with Sen. John Proos on Wednesday, more than 2,200 Southwest Michigan residents were able to express their priorities for the rest of the year.

A tele-town hall meeting is a telephone conference call in which residents can speak to and ask questions of Proos. The Sept. 30 meeting was the latest in a series of tele-town halls Proos has held throughout his time in the state Legislature.

“The tele-town hall was another great success. For several years, I have used this technology in the fall to enable thousands of area families and job providers to hear what we have been doing and express their viewpoints,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “During this town hall, 11 people asked me direct questions on a series of important issues facing Michigan.”

Topics asked by participants included career and technical education, regulations on coal, agriculture fuel taxes and getting people working instead of on welfare.

“It was great to hear and answer many good questions from residents about key issues facing our state and Southwest Michigan,” Proos said. “It was also wonderful to get good feedback from residents about how to move Michigan forward. By more than two-to-one, people sent a message that they are paying enough in state taxes.”

During the tele-town hall, residents actively participated in the event by submitting 837 responses to seven poll questions.

When asked whether they would be willing to pay higher state taxes to fund government responsibilities, 71 percent said no.

“I believe that listening to the hardworking people you represent is a vital and irreplaceable part of being a good public servant,” Proos said. “The tele-town hall meeting is one of many ways I am accessible to constituents to hear about their priorities for the future.

“It’s clear that creating jobs and training people for those jobs are still top priorities for Southwest Michigan families — and for me as well. It’s also clear that people expect their government to live within its means as we continue to improve our state.”