Upton choosing politics over security

Published 7:39 am Thursday, September 24, 2015

Partisan politics should end at the water’s edge. It’s no surprise that our current Congress has thrown this important concept out the window.

It’s extraordinarily disappointing that Rep. Fred Upton has joined them, putting partisan politics ahead of the long-term safety and security of our nation by voting against the Iran Deal, which was forged between the United States and some of our closest allies

in Europe.

The deal will help protect America and its allies by placing strict restrictions on

Iran’s nuclear program and allows for constant oversight.

Simply put, Upton could not support it because that’s what his party leaders demanded. One hundred percent politics, zero percent leadership.

Although the Iran Deal is an imperfect deal, it makes the world a safer place. By allowing oversight of Iran’s nuclear activities, we will know their capabilities and be able to monitor their actions.

We need to work towards diplomacy to avoid confrontation on the world stage. The consequences are too dire to play partisan games with an issue of this magnitude.

In Congress I will push for diplomacy over war and pragmatism over partisan politics.


Paul Clements

Candidate for 6th District House of Representatives