Michigan Municipal League to help Niles with economic development plan

Published 12:30 pm Friday, April 10, 2015

Officials from the Michigan Municipal League will be in Niles Monday and Tuesday to continue their work in developing a plan to improve a key portion of the city.

The PlacePlans work will identify opportunities to bring activity to Front Street, improve connections to the city’s Riverfront Park and trail system, and kick-start high-quality development on key vacant parcels along the river.

All of this will build on the successes of the Main Street district.

“Niles has a lot of great assets to build on, from the historic architecture, to the river, to the Bluegrass and Ice Festivals,” said Richard Murphy, program coordinator with the Michigan Municipal League. “And it’s just the right distance from South Bend and Chicago to take advantage of the ‘big city’ destinations without being swallowed up. We’re excited to get to work in town.”

Murphy and MML employee Sarah Craft will attend the Niles City Council meeting at 6 p.m. April 13, to discuss the economic and social benefits of placemaking and how it will be applied in the Niles PlacePlan.

The meeting will be held at Niles City Council Chambers, 1345 E. Main Street.

Murphy and Craft will also meet with members of the Niles DDA Main Street as well as stakeholders from the target area to gather input to move the placemaking process forward.

Earlier this year, Niles was among seven communities selected to receive technical assistance with key economic development projects designed to attract and retain residents and employers.

For details contact Lisa Croteau, Niles DDA Main Street program manager, at (269) 687-4332.

Regular updates and information about the projects will be posted online at: placemaking.mml.org/place-plans/.