Cracker returns to rock Acorn

Published 10:24 am Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cracker will be playing at The Acorn Theater on Aug. 1. (Photo Submitted by Jason Thrasher)

Cracker will be playing at The Acorn Theater on Aug. 1. (Photo Submitted by Jason Thrasher)

THREE OAKS — Local “Crumbs”— that is, diehard fans of Cracker — probably already know that the rock band fronted by David Lowery will be returning to The Acorn on Aug. 1.

However, casual fans of early 1990s music may want to “get on with it” and go buy their tickets before the show sells out. After all, VIP tickets are already gone.

“We’ve played The Acorn in the past, and we really liked it,” said Lowery, who sings and plays guitar with Cracker. “It’s a great venue, and I like that part of the world. A lot of my friends come over from Chicago to see us play there.”

The music of Cracker, best known for their hits like “Get Off This,” “Low” and “Euro-Trash Girl” from their gold-selling 1993 album “Kerosene Hat,” has been called “alternative rock” and even “alternative country,” but according to Lowery, their genre is “rock, just rock.”

“Cracker’s pretty much a mainstay, adult alternative rock band. Stations like WXRT in Chicago play our stuff a lot,” Lowery said. “But, there’s always been a roots element to our music.”

However, fans with really good memories will remember Lowery’s early days as the frontman for Camper Van Beethoven, a band that was famous on the college-rock circuit for songs like “Take the Skinheads Bowling” and “Pictures of Matchstick Men.”

In fact, Camper Van Beethoven lives on, just having released the companion album to 2013’s “La Costa Perdida”—what Lowery called “our Northern California album.” Released in June 2014, “‘El Camino Real,’ is the Southern California portion of that project.”

“We’re doing some shows together,” said Lowery. “Camper Van Beethoven had the most recent album, so they’re doing a lot of shows.”

While Camper Van Beethoven won’t be playing at The Acorn with Cracker, fans will have the unusual pleasure of hearing Cracker perform their hit songs with all of the musicians who originally recorded them.

“Cracker’s always been just Johnny [Hickman] and me,” Lowery explained. “In most bands, you usually have two people who do most of the work, so when we set up Cracker, we made sure that it was just me and Johnny. However, we’re going to have the two guys with us who played on that album. They’re guys we basically grew up with.”

Lowery promised that the audience will hear songs from all of their albums from the last 20 years, including some from the band’s most recent release, 2009’s “Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey.”

They may even play a song or two from their as-yet-untitled album that is scheduled for release in December or January.

Beyond recording a lot of music with the two bands, as well as releasing a solo album in 2011, Lowery has also been busy teaching students about the recording business at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business.

“I basically help run their music business program,” Lowery said. “It’s a fairly progressive business school in that they hire people who are professionally qualified to be teaching students about how the business really works.”

Beyond that project, Lowery has also taken a front-and-center role in the fight against music piracy over the last couple years, publishing a blog, “The Trichordist,” and recently touring in China.

“We discovered that there are a lot of young people who know our music because of ‘The Perks of Being a Wall Flower,’ which was a very highly featured movie over there,” Lowery said. “We were also doing a sort of a cultural exchange, speaking with our counterparts there, people from indie labels, concert promoters, and artists, discussing how piracy impact artists and what their government’s doing about it.”

As busy as he has been, Lowery continues to find the time to tour each summer, and whether you’re a Crumb, a former Camper Van junkie or just someone who appreciate some good rock ‘n’ roll songs written with a sense of humor and irony, Cracker’s show at the Acorn is one you shouldn’t miss.

Cracker will take the stage at the Acorn, located at 107 Generations Dr., Three Oaks, at 8 p.m. on Aug. 1. Tickets for the show are available at, and more information can also be obtained by calling the box office at (269) 756-3879.