Studio offers unique workout experience

Published 8:27 am Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SLR Pilates open now in downtown Niles

Downtown Niles’ newest business promises its customers a life changing — and body changing — experience.

SLR Pilates, named after owner and lifelong Niles resident, Stephanie Lynn Reno, is a Pilates and yoga studio located at 226 1/2 Main Street.

Submitted photo Stephanie Reno, owner of SLR Pilates.

Stephanie Reno, owner of SLR Pilates. (Submitted photo)

“I’d had the idea for quite some time, but it wasn’t really supposed to happen until (my son) was in school full time,” Reno said. “When I was looking in downtown Niles and saw that the space was available, I couldn’t pass it up.”

Reno is a certified instructor trained at Bar Your Soul in Elkhart, Ind., and has spent much of her time over the past several years training personal clients.

“I was teaching at different places, going from here to there. I have personal clients and I go to their houses to work with them,” she said.

Reno said SLR Pilates offers opportunities to Michiana residents that they may not be able to find nearby.

“A studio atmosphere is something completely different from a fitness facility. In a studio, you have a chance to focus on yourself. It’s a nice, quiet atmosphere,” she said.

Classes offered at SLR Pilates include yoga, barre, sculpting power and pilates, taught by Reno and other trainers.

“We will transform your body. If you commit to it and the classes we have to offer, (our classes) are body changers,” Reno said. “It’s just our job to use those tools to do this.”

The studio offers classes for $10 per session, $80 for ten sessions or unlimited sessions for $120 per month. Childcare is also available for $4 per child, or $69 a month for a maximum of three children.

Reno said the studio welcomes people with all levels of experience, and she hopes to make her customers feel welcome and at ease during their training.

“Your body will change with commitment, but we want to achieve more than that. We want to awaken the love that (our customers) have for their body, their mind,” Reno said. “Having a job, being a spouse, being a mother, we tend to lose sight of ourselves because we’re so focused on taking care of others. We want to give people that break that they can just focus fully on themselves.”

Reno said that while pilates classes are more than capable of giving customers their ideal bodies, her goal is bigger than that.

“When you are healthy, it doesn’t matter how thin you are or what body type you have, as long as you love yourself from within and are healthy,” she said. “When you leave our studio, we want to make you feel beautiful.”

For more information about SLR Pilates, call Stephanie at (269) 340-4990, or find them on Facebook at