Miss Buchanan takes crown

Published 8:17 am Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Roxie Elliott, 17, of Buchanan was crowned Miss Blossomtime 2014 at the annual pageant Monday night. (Photo courtesy of Kristi Weston)

Roxie Elliott, 17, of Buchanan was crowned Miss Blossomtime 2014 at the annual pageant Monday night. (Photo courtesy of Kristi Weston)

Anyone who has witnessed the crowning of a pageant knows how emotional the experience can be. Spectators at Monday night’s finale of the Miss Blossomtime pageant saw no exception to the tradition as Miss Blossomtime 2013, Katlynn Kennedy, crowned her best friend.

With tears rolling down both of the Buchanan area natives’ faces, Kennedy ended her reign by passing her crown down to Roxie Elliott, a senior at Buchanan High School.

“I couldn’t hear a thing and all of a sudden I just felt a crown on my head,” Elliott said Tuesday. “There’s nobody that I would have rather shared it with. I know she was very sad to give up her crown, but I think crowning her best friend made it a little easier.”

Elliott said the moment is one she and her lifelong friend have been dreaming of since 2012 when she passed her Miss Southwest Michigan Outstanding Teen crown down to Katlynn Kennedy.

“I couldn’t even look at Katlynn when she was bringing out the crown because I didn’t want to know what her face said,” Elliott said. “It was just really cool.”

In addition to Miss Buchanan and Miss Southwest Michigan Outstanding Teen, Elliott has held the title of Miss Auburn-Midland Outstanding Teen. Both times she competed in Miss Michigan’s Outstanding Teen pageant, she placed in the top ten.

Out of all the pageant she has competed in, Elliott said the Miss Buchanan pageant was very special to her.

“I just have always loved my community so much. This is something I’ve dreamt about being part of because I have always looked up to Miss Buchanan and the other community queens,” she said.

Although Miss Blossomtime 2012, Katlynn Kennedy, is from Buchanan, she was actually Miss Buchanan’s first runner-up that year. Kennedy went on to win Miss Spirit of Blossomtime, a wildcard pageant in which first runners-up participate in.

“I am the first Miss Buchanan in 33 years to be crowned Miss Blossomtime, so I’m so honored to be able to bring this title home to Buchanan.”

The two-day Blossomtime pageant featured several stages of competition, including interview, eveningwear, on-stage question and communication. For the communication pageant, contestants dressed up as a character from their community’s theme and explained the history behind the cartoon.

“My pageant theme was Scooby Doo, and I was Shaggy,” Elliot said. “I talked about how Scooby was one of the longest-running cartoon shows. I also sang the Scooby Doo theme song.”

Elliot said of all the pageant festivities ahead of her, she is most looking forward to returning to the Blossomtime Grand Parade in May.

“Now I’m just really looking forward to being a representative for all of southwest Michigan. The (Blossomtime) Festival has always been special to me, and I realize what an amazingly big deal it is in this area. I’m excited to fulfill that role to the best of my ability.”

Joining Elliott on this year’s Blossomtime court is Ellie Hurd, a junior at Buchanan High School who competed in the Blossomtime pageant as Miss Heart of Blossomtime like Kennedy. Other court members include:

• Miss Blossomtime 1st runner-up: Natalie Hepburn, Miss Stevensville

• Miss Blossomtime 2nd runner-up: Charlene Cuarto, Miss Berrien Springs

• Mr. Blossomtime: Connor Hubble

• Mr. Blossomtime 1st runner-up: Corey Wysinger

• Mr. Blossomtime 2nd runner-up: Casper Aviles

• Mr. Nice Guy: Stephen Walker