COA Profiles: Carrying on a family tradition

Published 10:58 am Thursday, March 13, 2014

Judy Smith has been volunteering for the Cass County COA since 2006.

Judy Smith

Judy Smith

Her father, Bill Wade, had volunteered for Meals on Wheels for many years.  After he passed away, Judy took over once she retired. She has quite a route for delivering meals and travels to the far corners of Cass County.

Judy truly enjoys it, however, and has been known to show special kindnesses to many on her route. Her granddaughter loves to join her on deliveries during the summer.

They have been known to receive letters addressed to “Mrs. Claus and her Granddaughter.”

“I know for many people, we are the only person they see all day. It’s the little things that make a difference,” Smith said. “My daughter has now decided to join me and so the family tradition continues.”

Judy is one who will volunteer wherever she is needed. Help was needed in the kitchen so Judy works in the dining room serving food and helping with clean up. For a while, she was a medical transportation driver and enjoyed being a companion to those who needed to get to the doctor.

Next, Judy was asked if she could help at the front desk while a volunteer was on vacation. Of course you know the answer — she said yes.

Judy is the type of volunteer who has the spirit deep in her. When you come from a family who volunteers, it is just something you do. Her mom, Gertrude, used to go with her dad on Meals on Wheels deliveries.

“My dad even bought a Suburban so he had room for all the meals,” Smith said. “As for me, housework and I can look at each other forever — there’s a lot more I can do by volunteering.”

When volunteering runs in the family, you couldn’t ask for a greater legacy. Thank you Judy for all you do to make your community a better place.


Provided by the Cass County COA