Letters to the editor, Feb. 6, 2014

Published 6:33 pm Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Common Core detrimental


What could possibly go wrong with allowing the federal government and corporations to take over the American education system?

Common Core is a dangerous program that will take the education of our children out of the hands of the teachers and local communities. It controls what our children are supposed to learn. It directly changes the face of education for the worst.

Children will be taught mathematics in a way designed for them to fail. The Constitution will not be taught. Literature will be skimmed over and replaced with fluff that teaches skewed values.

We, as a local community and also as a state need to protect our children’s education from this federal and corporate takeover.

It is time to say no to Common Core and go back to the basic values of education.


Mrs. Cherie Longden



Neighborly love


My wife, Peggy, and me would like to thank our neighbor, John Meiser, for keeping out driveway clear this terrible old-fashioned cold winter.

John should also be commended for keeping the red fire plug clear of snow on the corner of Orchard Street and Praire Rounde.


Cardinal Charlie Gill



Administration change needed


Did I read the front-page article about the city raising its utility rates (again) correctly?  That they need the increase “…in order to keep the services financially stable in 2014?”

My interpretation of that is they need the money because they can’t keep their expenses under control and want customers to fix their mess.

Perhaps the city should take a lesson from citizen discontent with the federal government’s lack of fiscal responsibility. To simply expect Dowagiac residents to blithely pay for repeated and frequent increases to their utility bills for basic services is perhaps another reason to consider a change of administration.


Lois Karasek

Property Owner