Michigan DNR gift cards now available for purchase

Published 4:24 pm Sunday, February 2, 2014

On the heels of its mid-December introduction of e-gift cards for use at state parks and harbors, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has announced the more traditional plastic gift card is also now available for purchase — for birthdays, retirements, bridal showers and just about any special occasion.

These cards can be registered online through the DNR reservation website www.midnrreservations.com. Like retailers’ gift cards, the DNR state park and harbor gift cards:

• Are reloadable

• Do not expire

• Can transfer balances to other cards

• Can be “locked” if the cards are lost or stolen

“It’s about providing people with choices and making it easier for them to share Michigan’s beautiful state parks and harbors with friends and family,” said Jason Fleming, DNR parks and recreation operations unit manager. “Some prefer the ease of an e-gift card, while others like to have one that can be popped in a birthday card, placed in a wallet or stuffed in a stocking.”

DNR state park and harbor gift cards can be used at all state-operated parks, forest and harbor retail facilities for purchase of merchandise, rentals, overnight stays and other associated costs. Grant In Aid (municipal) harbors are not participating in the DNR gift card program.

The cards can be purchased at state parks or by calling the DNR at (517) 284-6110 or (517) 284-6084. Phone orders for the plastic state park and harbor gift cards will incur a $3 (per order, not per card) shipping and handling charge.

For those who prefer not keeping track of a plastic card, e-gift cards can be purchased online at www.midnrreservations.com (in the second-tier top navigation bar). DNR state park and harbor e-gift cards come with all of the same online tracking features as the plastic cards.

“No matter which option is right for you — plastic or online — we encourage residents to consider Michigan state park and harbor gift cards as the perfect option for just about every gift-giving occasion,” Fleming said.