Cooper claims Niles forecasters’ championship

Published 7:09 am Friday, January 3, 2014

The final four games of the 2013-14 college football season will have no bearing on the outcome of the Niles Daily Star Football Forecaster’s final standings

Going into Thursday night’s Sugar Bowl match-up between Clemson and Ohio State, Brandywine School Board President Dennis Cooper has a four-game lead over Brandywine Superintendent John Jarpe, which means he has locked up the championship.

Cooper is currently 116-40 and Jarpe 112-44. The two picked three of the final four games the same way. The only difference was in the Cotton Bowl where Cooper is going with Oklahoma State and Jarpe with Missouri.

Jarpe and U. S. Congressman Upton will battle it out for the runner-up spot as the two are separated by a single game and have picked the BCS National Championship game differently.

Upton (111-45) selected Auburn, while Jarpe is going with Florida State.

The real battle will be for fourth place where Jeff Upton (107-49), Mike Nate (105-51) and John Proos (104-52) are all within three games of each other.

The final standings will be announced following Monday’s BCS National Championship Game between Florida State and Auburn.


Football Forecasters

Through 14 games

• Dennis Cooper: 116-40

John Jarpe: 112-44

Fred Upton: 111-45

Jeff Upton: 107-49

Mike Nate: 105-51

John Proos: 104-52

Michael Caldwell: 103-53

Antwon Jones: 101-55

Allison Hayes: 100-56

Tiffanie Moffitt: 98-58

• Locked up championship