Edwardsburg Fire Department checking smoke detectors

Published 3:06 pm Thursday, December 12, 2013


Special to Argus


If Edwardsburg firefighters come to your door with a pizza delivery, that’s okay.

They will be delivering pizza for Captains Pizzeria in Edwardsburg while checking on smoke detectors in houses.

The Edwardsburg Fire Department firefighters on Friday, will be checking smoke detectors to determine if they are working properly or if none are installed at all.

Those residents with working smoke detectors will receive a gift certificate for a large two-topping pizza from Captains Pizzeria.

Vincent Vargo,  captain of the fire department, residents said the department will either install a new smoke detector for residents who don’t have one or install new batteries in existing detectors.

“Smoke detectors do save lives.” Vargo said departments all over the country are doing this. With the Christmas season approaching and the checking of alarm systems, it does help save lives.”

Those who need an alarm should call the department at 269-663-2160.