Carlisle picked to replace Hall on Cass board

Published 10:47 am Thursday, September 12, 2013

Former Cassopolis School Board president Jeremy Carlisle was selected from four candidates to replace Janet Hall at a special meeting Wednesday night.

Jeremy Carlisle

Jeremy Carlisle

Carlisle spent three and a half years on the board before having to resign in January due to a conflict with work. He was board president at the time.

When asked why he wanted to be a board member, Carlisle said that he has a vested interest in the community and the district where his wife is employed and his daughter is a student.

“One of the major things the board has to consider is technology as that is ever-changing,” Carlisle answered when asked what the board’s most pressing issues were. “The board needs to step up and keep up the pace with technology. This would be worked on through the budget.”

After acknowledging that it may be difficult with decreasing state funding, Carlisle added, “The board needs to make sure to use financial means to provide proper technology to help student achievement and provide stability with personnel in the district. One way is through stabilizing the budget. There are a lot of students whose home life isn’t stable, but school is. The board speaks through board goals and it must set concise goals, one being how to achieve student achievement.”

His answer to the question, “what are the top three priorities you see facing the board?” were student achievement, marketability of the district and budget and financial issues and the stability of the district.

Carlisle is replacing Hall, who resigned last month. His term will run through November of 2014.