Brayden Swathwood reviews ‘We Must Kill Toni’

Published 7:37 am Friday, July 12, 2013

Instead of going to the movies this weekend, why not go see a real 3-D performance?
Walking into this little church, about to watch “We Must Kill Toni” put on by The Four Flags Players, I thought I was going to be bored stiff and uninterested. I was insanely wrong.
The story is set in 1940s London where two brothers and their dedicated butler live in this stunning mansion. All is good until the brothers find out their inheritance is going to their “sweet” cousin, Toni. The two brothers must soon decide whether to marry Toni or murder Toni.
I look for three main aspects in stage: sound, acting and directing. All were superb in this production.
Cathy Heide was the mastermind behind this idea. Without a good director, the whole act could be dull and difficult to follow. But Heide directed this play beautifully. There was an elegant stage placement from the characters. Directing is not an easy job, and I can say, I would rather watch Cathy direct more plays than half the directors in Hollywood.
Kristin Adams-Bondy plays Miss Richards, a lady journalist who is trying to get more information on the history of the house and to get to know a little more information on Toni. Adams-Bondy gives a great performance in the stage act. Her character is always in the middle of everything but, even with swords being swung at her, she doesn’t drip a sweat.
Patrick Bondy plays the hilarious butler, Harris. He has been around for many years and has grown up with the brothers: He knows the house inside and out.
Bondy gives a stunning performance with a flawless Scottish accent. Harris’ character offers many laughs.
William Wreggelsworth plays Douglas Oberon and Dakota Word plays the brother, Francis Oberon. The chemistry between these two actors was brilliant. These were two characters who were almost always on stage, and I did not see one mistake or bad moment between the two. For being 21 years old, both have bright futures ahead.
Then there is Christian Bounds, who plays Toni Oberon. She is given a very mature role for only being 16, which for many would be difficult. Not for her. Bounds gives a stellar performance. I loved her facial expressions.
With only a few small errors in sound, “We Must Kill Toni” is a must-see this weekend. With two more performances Friday and Saturday at the First Presbyterian Church in Niles, I will definitely be going for an encore performance.
A small town has big talent in “We Must Kill Toni.”