Dave Carlock’s Best Bets: June 28-July 3

Published 7:53 am Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday,  June 28
Matt Giraud
8 p.m.
Acorn Theater
107 Generations Drive, Three Oaks
(269) 756-3879

A resident of Kalamazoo, this Season 8 “American Idol” finalist has one foot in modern pop songcraft and the other in Michigan so come see what it looks like when a local guy steps his up and aims for the national market.
Check it out: acorntheater.com
Saturday, June 29
The Other 3 Tenors
8 p.m.
Acorn Theater
107 Generations Drive, Three Oaks
(269) 756-3879

“The Three Tenors Meet The Three Stooges” is one way this show has been described, lending sort of a Rat Pack attitude of fun to a normally stuffy genre.
Sounds like a gateway to more serious classical works and what a great idea to help people stretch their tastes and experiences.
Check it out: acorntheater.com

Sunday, June 30
‘The Sapphires’
6 p.m.
Vickers Theatre
6 N. Elm St., Three Oaks
(269) 756-3522

The tale of a 1960s-era, Australian-aborigine country and western girl group who get a taste of the dream after winning a gig singing to soldiers stationed in Vietnam. Only catch, because they “appear” black, they need to retool into a soul group …
Check it out: bit.ly/1aKYfMB
Tuesday, July 2
Sypian Family Band
9 p.m.
The Livery
190 5th St., Benton Harbor
(269) 925-8760

The Sypian Family is nothing, if not truth in advertising. When I first heard the group in 2008, the lead singer’s name was Leslie Rach, but since then, she married guitarist Nathan Sypian and had a beautiful little boy to start a new Sypian generation. Drummer Matt Sypian continued as a staple in local groups such as The Major Trio as well as doing some studio drumming for me. Organically grown, the Sypians are Berrien County’s purest form of jammy-ness.
Check it out:liverybrew.com

Wednesday, July 3
8 p.m.
Saugatuck Center For The Arts
400 Culver St., Saugatuck
(269) 857-2399

The movie was a flop turned cult hit, but the music ranged all the way from great to weirdly futuristic. With a musical score written by Olivia Newton-John’s genius producer John Farrar and ELO’s resident genius Jeff Lynne, let’s see how the 2008 award-winning musical fares at the great Saugatuck Center for the Arts. I love this intimate venue.
Check it out: bit.ly/19ztsRd

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