Brayden Swathwood movie review: ‘The Hangover Part 3’

Published 8:34 am Friday, May 31, 2013

“The Hangover Part III”
2 out of 5 stars
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy

In 2009, America was impressed when the over-the-top comedy, “The Hangover,” hit theaters. It left audiences around the world wanting more of the wolf pack and their crude humor. So came “The Hangover Part 2.” In the second installment, fans of the series were disappointed when the cast failed to please crowds. They then thought it’d be smart to make a third to try to redeem themselves. Did it work?
The film starts off with a gruesome scene where Alan (Zach Galifianakis) has the stereo blasting Hanson’s summer hit “MMMBop” with a wild giraffe in the back of the trailer, as seen in the trailer. I’m sure we all know how that ends.
From there, Alan and the rest of the pack are taking Alan to a place to get his problems all settled. Of course, something wild happens, this time not an actual hangover . It turns out, after Chow has escaped from top security prison, he had stolen millions in gold from the Marshall (Goodman). After kidnapping Doug, the others must find Chow, take the gold and give it back to Marshal in three days.
Unlike the second film, the story is kind enough to be simple to follow. But even with Chow being the main plot story, Alan is the true focus. Can Alan be saved from his superior craziness? Over the three installments, he continues to get more obnoxious and annoying.
In a long shot, there is no reason to go watch this because of the wolf pack. You go to watch the great performances from John Goodman and Melissa McCarthy. With McCarthy only having a short cameo, she still steals the show. For Goodman, he gives a pretty great performance that is not only serious, but funny.
The movie seems to be  requesting that you laugh at things that are really not comical: beheaded zoo animals, elder abuse and neglect and unacceptable sexual comments. Many of the jokes are offensive and embarrassing.
Where did the movie go right? The ending was unexpected and surprisingly superb, that that small 10-minute segment does not make up for the first part of the story.
This movie is worth watching only if you have seen the other movies. There are many, many references from parts one and two. After viewing the film, you get that warm feeling inside knowing there will be no more “Hangovers.” But even if you have seen both, wait until DVD, and rent it.