Brayden Swathwood reviews ‘The Croods’

Published 12:45 pm Friday, March 29, 2013

Brayden Swathwood
Star Struck

“The Croods”
4 out of 5 stars
Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure, comedy

“The Croods” tells the story of a family of cavemen whose lives are spent inside a dark cave, rarely coming out to get food. The head of the family, Grug (Nicholas Cage) is becoming upset when his daughter Eep (Emma Stone) becomes curious about the world and he is worried she will get hurt. He always stresses how change and new is bad.
One night, Eep leaves the cave at night and discovers a boy named “Guy,” who is carrying fire. Eep is amazed by the fire since she hates the dark.
Once Grug discovers his daughter is gone, he goes and finds her. Lots of trouble ensues.
Their cave is sadly destroyed and they go on a colorful journey with Guy in order to find a new cave and go above the sun.
The Croods is by far one of the best family movies that’s come out in a long time. When first meeting this family, they are crammed into a cave in which Eep describes  as “no fun,” when traveling they grow as a family and come to realize that change can be good.
Let’s be honest, Nicholas Cage last good movie was the 2010 movie “Kick-Ass” and maybe he belongs behind the scene doing voices, not in front. He was recognizable and finally did something that rose above boring.
As for the rest of the Crood family, each character grew from the little baby to the mother-in-law; the whole family got to learn to not only have fun but be a family.
This is an outstanding comedy. The Croods is the best animated comedy in many years.
From the opening scene to the last, this film will appeal to ages ranging from 4 to 94. The simple jokes are often the most humorous and the Croods proves that.
Guy has a sloth named Belt; he was definitely the scene stealer.
With random few words and funny gestures, kids and adults will love Belt.
This is in my current top 10 best-animated movies of all time. A family adventure with a great message, a cinema experience, a laugh-out loud movie.