Brayden Swathwood movie review: ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’

Published 8:00 am Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brayden Swathwood
Star Struck
“Texas Chainsaw 3D”
2 out of 5 stars
Rating: R
Genre: Horror,
mystery, thriller

This shallow, dreadful sequel to the famous movie, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” is not a great way to start the New Year. It’s the worst movie of 2013 so far. The first 10 minutes were brilliant, showing scenes of the original 1974 film and building off of it.

A group of people go to the Sawyer’s house in order to kill Leatherface, and, soon after, they rescue a baby who survived the massacre. Many years later, the rescued child goes to the house of her last remaining grandmother, even though she never knew her. Little did she and her friends know what they were in for.

First, why would you want to continue the story of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?” This some-what sequel has an unbelievable, dull, gloomy plot. There is almost no story at all. It’s a straightforward slaughterhouse gore fest movie with almost nothing else going on.

Character development is way off target when you only get to know a slight story of one of the characters and the others are just there to fill in the space. It would have paid off to make the movie a little longer and give more details in the characters and the story line, but the company failed to do so.

Besides the awful plot and character development, the movie was filmed in 3D. At some points, the 3D is very noticeable, but just like most movies, 3D is pointless and looks exactly like 2D. At least the background images could have been made to look realistic.

The movie did do some things right, well, the first 10 minutes. The movie is short, boring and pointless and was a sequel that should not have been constructed. If you like no stories and random acts of violence and gore, this movie is perfect for you. This is one of many horror movies coming out this year, and, if they are anything like this, horror is doomed this year.

There are very few entertaining parts and it is somewhat enjoyable to see a bad horror film. Hopefully, this will be the last the world sees of “The Texas Chainsaw” series for many years.