Bizline: Gib’s Goods

Published 7:39 pm Sunday, September 9, 2012

Leader photo/KATIE ROHMAN Gib's Goods is located in Niles.

Name of business: Gib’s Goods

Name of owner: Mandy Cook

Address of business: Chicago Road, Niles

Date business opened: August 2008

What type of business do you operate — what you sell, services provided? Gib’s Goods is a small, home-based business that produces handmade soap, lotion, “lavender babies” (lavender sachets in the form of cute little stuffed monsters) and other handmade goods. I make whatever makes me happy, with hopes that it will make someone else happy.

What sets your business apart from similar ventures? The soap and lotion I make are made from raw materials. I do not use pre-made bases to make my goods. The soap is made using the same process used before we had factories to manufacture our beauty products for us. I love what I do!

What customers do you reach? I do not have a specific customer base; the people who buy my items come from many different backgrounds. It is nice to know that something you love to do is also loved by so many others.

How does the future look? Fabulous! I can’t wait to see what the future brings.


Telephone number: (269) 262-9439

Hours: If you can’t seem to find me at a local market or craft fair, my items can be found at Cross the Street Collectibles in Niles, Almost Home in Buchanan and I make custom beer soap for The Livery Microbrewery in Benton Harbor.