Bizline: Pickled Jar

Published 10:14 pm Monday, July 23, 2012

Andrea Martin

Name of owner: Andrea Martin

Address of business:

Date business opened: June 2012

What type of business do you operate — what you sell, services provided?  Pickled Jar sells jams, jellies and granola. The products are homemade in small batches, and use as many local crops and supplies as possible. In the future, we’ll offer pickled products, jalapeno butter and other unique foodie products.

What sets your business apart from similar ventures? We have unique products that aren’t common, and we aren’t trying to please everyone. While we try to offer products that have an appeal to everyone, we aren’t looking to make “grocery store” varieties. That’s what makes our Peppered Peach jam, Chocolate Covered Cherry jam, wine jellies and Strawberry Vanilla popular. In addition, we use as many local suppliers as possible, though the weather conditions haven’t helped crops in our area, making it more difficult this year. When customers buy from us, they really are helping other local businesses — it becomes economically sustaining.

What customers do you reach? We are reaching families that want a healthy alternative for their family. Many people have shared stories of giving our products as gifts, and several people have purchased from us when in town visiting family (as far away as Arizona).

How does the future look?  The response from the community for our products has been overwhelmingly positive, and has opened an endless discussion of possibilities. Most notable is the possibility of opening a storefront, and establishing our own kitchen. By year-end we hope to be fully licensed, use the kitchen incubator and find more outlets to distribute our product.

Recognition/awards: Our customers love the product — and there isn’t anything more important than that to us!

Telephone number: (269) 845-5171

Hours: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday and Saturday at the Niles Bensidoun French Market