Let’s set the record straight

Published 7:50 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear editor and residents of Weesaw Township,

There has been a letter sent to the taxpayers of Weesaw Township from some current board members and others who wish to become board members. I would like to respond to that letter.

First, yes this board, which includes three of the people, who approved the above-mentioned letter, actually used some of the monies, our taxpayers and the state revenue sharing, have given to us to make Weesaw a township where people — we hope — would like to visit and live.
The budgets were approved by all board members, not just several of us, so their innuendos are against themselves also.
Monies spent:

• Road repair: (something that was requested by the township residents, the past boards spend no monies on road repairs) just the safety factor would make me want to fix roads and make them safe for our residents.

Of course isn’t it interesting that the trustees, the road committee and myself, have toured the roads with the Berrien County Road Commission and presented the repairs needed, to the board. The entire board approves repairs prior to allowing the BCRC to make the repairs. By the way, the road committee is now stating we should not repair anymore roads. The chairperson of this committee and one current trustee and my opponent for clerk are running for office. I guess, if they are elected, roads will no longer be repaired.

• Drains: (the board were the ones who voted to pay the close drain, in full, instead of paying the interest) saving the residents $ 21,170 in interest over 10 years. By doing this, up front, I feel this is fiscal responsibility by saving the township the interest.

• A wonderful township park so our children would have a wonderful play to play, (this was started prior to our administration) contrary to some of several board members. “The park was purchased legally” was stated by our attorney of record at the time of the purchase.

• Minutes:  Just for informational purposes this is what the Open Meetings Act states:

What must be in the minutes — at a minimum, the minutes must show the date, time, place, members present, members absent, any decisions made at a meeting open to the public, and the purpose or purposes for which a closed session is held.  The minutes must include all roll call votes taken at the meeting. (MCL 15.269(1)

When must the minutes be available — proposed minutes must be made available for public inspection within eight days after the applicable meeting. Approved minutes must be made available for public inspection within five days after the public body’s approved. (MCL 15.269(3)
Both of the MCLs are being followed.

Did you know that the state has the ability to take away some, or all, of the revenue sharing monies they send to us, if we are not using it to keep our township running smoothly and keep up our infrastructure?

As I’ve told the Junior Achievement second grade classes, when I teach them about working, earning money and paying taxes, as a member of the Weesaw Township Board, I have more than 1,900 bosses as each taxpayer pays my salary and I want to do my best to answer any questions or concerns they have. They are always welcome to call me at home, before 10 p.m., and I will do my very best to find answers and help elevate concerns. (259) 426-3857

Thank you, residents of Weesaw Township, for the last four years serving you and I hope, with your support, to serve you for the next four years.


Melodie Culverhouse

Weesaw Township Clerk