‘Dark Shadows’ best left in deepest shadows

Published 12:00 pm Saturday, May 19, 2012

“Dark Shadows”

Rating: PG-13

2.5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Based on a gothic series that ran on American TV during the 1960s, Johnny Depp plays a vampire named Barnabas Collins. He was turned into a vampire by a local witch who has put a curse on him. He was buried inside a coffin after she had called upon a local mob saying he was a vampire.

A near two centuries later, he was dug up and turned up to the Collins family house. Along the way, he must protect his family against Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green). She tries to persuade Barnabas to close his family business, but Barnabas refuses and she does whatever she can to make his life even more miserable.

This is a hit-and-miss movie. Most of the actors portrayed their characters well. Michelle Pfeiffer digs deep, and Eva Green plays a great villain, but, at times, it seems as if she is just being silly. Upcoming actress Chloe Grace Moretz portrays the immature teenager Carolyn Stoddard. She does an amazing job playing this character and being another fantasy creathe costumes. The one thing the movie hits the bull’s-eye on is nailing the 1970s aesthetic with its lava lamps, music, clothes and cars. Which is another great thing the movie brings — the soundtrack. The soundtrack contains many great classic rock songs from those days.

Even though the movie was visually appealing, there were many parts that weren’t so right. The script was in total shambles. “Dark Shadows” is filled with plot holes and unanswered questions and a serious lack of  character development. The story was so boring. When walking out of the movie, you are left with your mind popping with s0 many questions. If the story was more fully thought-out, and put together clearer, this movie would have been great.

“Dark Shadows” should have been kept in the shadows. Tim Burton did a poor job of directing from this scratchy script. If you were a fan of the TV show, go watch this. If you have no clue what this is, sit out.

Brayden Swathwood is a 15-year-old learner at Niles New Tech Entrepreneurial Academy. He loves to watch movies and reviews the films he watches. Reach Brayden at irontank218@yahoo.com.