Jimtown, Panthers share title

Published 8:15 pm Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brandywine’s Jessica Blank calls a ball out during Saturday’s tournament at Plym Park. (Daily Star Photo/RON HARNER)

Jimtown and South Bend Washington were able to take advantage of a few missing players on the host Brandywine tennis squad Saturday.

Jimtown and Washington tied with 25 points to win the Brandywine Open championship. The Bobcats were third with 21 points and Constantine fourth with nine.

Brandywine played without doubles players Jessy Cooper, Mackenzie Shelton and Carlie Newman.

Brandywine Open

At Plym Park

Team scores

Jimtown 25, South Bend Washington 25, Brandywine 21, Constantine 9

Flight champions


1. Monica Chan (Wash), 2. Kylee Karezewski (Wash), 3. Kelsey Weinkauf (Jim), 4. Victoria Knight (Brandy)


1. Kaley Funkhouser-Morgan Belakovich (Jim), 2. Aubrey Adams-Randi Witek (Jim), 3. Cassidy Purucker-Patience Newman (Brandy), 4. Katie Rose-Allie Srmek (Brandy)