Tea Party rallies on Tax Day

Published 6:09 pm Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mark Jamrog of Edwardsburg spoke at the Tea Party Tax Day rally Sunday in Cassopolis.

CASSOPOLIS — Politicians were called upon to uphold their oath to the Constitution during a Tea Party Tax Day rally Sunday
“They go do what they please to buy votes,” said Mark Jamrog, of Edwardsburg, who spoke at the event.  “I’m a conservative, but I leave room on the Democratic side that there are strong arguments. The oath binds Democrats and Republicans together.
“All money in government comes from wealth created in the private sector,” Jamrog said. “To take one more dollar than absolutely necessary does great harm to our society. It distorts markets. It says we should have more marble to build palaces of government than bricks to build homes. There is one pie of liberty with a constant struggle between government and the people as to who gets the bigger slice.”
Circulating petitions for a U.S. Senate candidate has put Jamrog in contact with an estimated 4,000 people.
As a result, Jamrog said most of them don’t care about their communities.
“That is a malignant cancer growing on this society,” he said. “Liberty cannot exist without responsibility. We can blame the people at the statehouse and in the federal government. They’re certainly culpable, but we should look in the mirror first. A lot of people don’t know there’s a Senate race coming up. “
Jamrog said the Department of Education, which didn’t exist prior to 1973, and the Department of Energy should be eliminated in three to five years to start “systematically and methodically reducing the size of government. The Government Services Administration spent almost $1 million on a party. Evil will triumph if good people sit idly by.”