Letter from the editor

Published 7:51 pm Wednesday, March 28, 2012

To our readers,

This week marks the last week in the history of Leader Publications you will likely see issues of the Niles Daily Star, Dowagiac Daily News, Cassopolis Vigilant and Edwardsburg Argus in what we call the “broadsheet” size — about 13 inches wide and 21.5 inches tall. This essentially means when you stretch out your arms as far as they go, that’s how wide our papers are.
But the times, they are a-changin’. And with this wave of so many emerging forms of newsgathering and dissemination, we intend to also update our methods of offering news to our readers. We are extremely excited for these changes under way.
There are some big-city papers, like the Chicago Sun-Times, which have used a tabloid-size format for a long time. It is more portable, and for some, easier to read than the “blanket”-sized product we current print. This tabloid-size Star and News debut Monday, with the new Argus and Vigilant on Thursday. Two of our other publications, The Leader shoppers and Off the Water, are already tabloid size.
With this new size comes a complete redesign. You will see more color and graphics in addition to tighter stories, and, what we believe is most notable — more local news. Anyone can offer state, national and even regional news, particularly with a wire service, but only your hometown paper will offer that intimate, scrapbook-worthy content that most readers want to see.
Leader Publications will also launch a new website in April. Four of our papers — the News, Star, Argus and Vigilant — will be consolidated into one “portal” site. The Leader Pub site will offer in-depth news from this area, and content can be searched by city. The Off the Water website, www.offthewater.com, will remain separate as a source for local entertainment information.
With this news comes a third major change. This Saturday will be the last time the Niles Daily Star will be published on a Saturday. We are making this change in anticipation of the U.S. Postal Service eventually eliminating Saturday delivery. This will also allow our small staff to offer more quality content the other five days of the week.
We also expect that these changes will be welcomed and even embraced by most readers. The staff at Leader Publications asks readers to give their feedback as these changes roll out.
Thank you to all our readers. We appreciate your continued interest in our newspapers during these ever-changing times.


Katie Rohman
Managing Editor
Leader Publications