Cass County should spend money on roads

Published 9:04 pm Wednesday, March 28, 2012

To the editor:

Last month, the Cass County Board of Commissioners held a referendum to authorize the levy and collection of an additional $1.8 million of property taxes this year and in each of the next four years to improve roads in Cass County. Last week, the auditors for Cass County presented the board of commissioners with the audited financial results for Cass County for last year.

Those 2011 audited financial results show that Cass County added $3.3 million to unrestricted fund balance last year and, accordingly, that there had been no need to request the $1.8 million of additional property taxes to improve our roads. Those audited financial results may be examined at by looking at local government services and examining the 2011 Cass County local unit audit report.

In 2010, the audited financial results show that Cass County also added more than $3 million to unrestricted fund balances. With the addition of the latest $3.3 million for 2011, Cass County now has more than $23 million of unrestricted fund balances available for any desired purpose or purposes, including road improvements. Ask your county commissioner to spend our money to improve our roads.

David P. Taylor