Author chronicles paranormal case

Published 6:50 pm Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“The Veil Beyond the Grave” by Andru Hunter is a nonfiction book different from others written on the paranormal.

The author chronicles the true story of a case more than a century old, of a series of murders in Jackson County, Mich. In 1883, four people were shot to death as they slept on a county farm. The victims were three men and a woman, who was nine months pregnant.

This became an unsettling cold-case murder that Hunter investigates through D & R Investigations, his organization that conducts forensic paranormal investigations.

This book’s unique presentation rotates timelines and points of view. The storyline rotates between the day-to-day lives of the professional investigators and the historical events that surround the murders.

The reader also has the advantage of viewing some of the ghosts’ perspectives, making it a little reminiscent of the movie, “The Others.”

Hunter and his crew work tirelessly to solve this case. Hunter’s tenacity is incredible, as he receives anonymous death threats to leave this case in peace. But he presses on. He wants justice for the voiceless, murdered victims from so long ago.

With determination and untiring work, Hunter presents the reader with vivid court transcripts from the trial. In addition, this investigative group presents endless hours of paranormal evidence conducted at a cemetery and beyond.

While the reader travels through the pages, a number of shady or antagonistic characters emerge as suspects in this murder case. Though the book is thick, the pages become transparent as the rotating stories unfold. This is a great read for those who enjoy the paranormal and mysterious murders.

Hunter, a seasoned investigator, amateur archeologist and paranormal investigator, is the namesake of Andru Hunter & Associates. He also served in Vietnam.