Hoogendyk defends vote

Published 9:59 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In response to the Robert Forgey’s letter (March 8), there are some details he left out when he said I voted for a “$1 billion stimulus.”

This “stimulus” is actually known as the 21st century jobs fund. It took tobacco settlement money (not tax dollars) and placed into a fund to lure new business to Michigan. I voted for it the first time it came through the House. It passed 105 to 1.

When it came back from the Senate for final passage, I voted no. The bill passed 92 to 13. So, to be clear, on final passage, I voted no.

I submitted the following for publication in the House Journal: “If we are going to securitize tobacco settlement dollars, we should use them to give immediate tax relief to the working families and businesses of Michigan. We should not pick a board of experts to pick the winners and losers.”

I would be happy to discuss this with anyone who wants to call me at (269) 365-8471.

Jack Hoogendyk