History buffs want more

Published 8:35 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dear editor:

I have wanted to write you for some time on something I think would add a lot to our local paper, the Vigilant.
I would just love to see and read any sort of historical information on Cass County — I’d even buy a paper just to read something of this sort and collect the articles.
I love catching the section in the South Bend Tribune, but that is not Cass County. Have you considered such a section, or discussed one being done with someone at the historical branch library or historical groups.
I think history brings pride and knowledge to one’s community.
I do have two brothers who have really gotten into the local business, schools, saw mills, etc. of the area. I would even suggest you talk to them and consider seeing if they would be interested in coming up with someone of interest.
They have booklets full of info.
My brothers and I come from a large family (17) present in Cass County for many years.
I know there are lots of people interested in this stuff. Please consider it.


Susan Hutchings

Steve Parsons

Dan Parsons
South Bend