Talking about my generation

Published 5:10 pm Wednesday, March 7, 2012

“In my day!”
This used to be the words used at the beginning of conversations with the older generation. And from their days there was plenty to talk about.
But as the new generation of retirees grow older, they will have even more to talk about.
The new generation of retirees are in their 60s. This new group has many experiences to share. Just watching television you can view the differences and the changes taking place.
Many TV stations are playing the old movies of the ’60s and ’70s. The music of that era is now being played on some radio stations. Musical groups of those years are now becoming popular again, their records are being reissued.
Can you imagine them saying, “In my day there were no cell phones, no CD players and no CDs or even DVDs. No GPS.”
There was no cable television and only four major TV stations. No internet, no digital cameras, no sticky notes.
The man on the moon was a big event. There was no space station.
No gasoline powered lawn mowers and snow blowers. No riding lawn mowers. No smooth-topped cooking stoves.
Only a few sporting events were televised. News was only broadcast once or twice a day. The TV stations went off the air at midnight and came on in the morning with the playing of the national anthem. The television had no remote; garage doors were opened by hand.
Life is always a progression of changes and we all learn to adjust but remembering the past is not a bad thing. It gives a foundation and a frame of reference for the future.
So,  in my day…