What Ron Paul stands for

Published 8:07 pm Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear editor,

Many people including your readers like much of America are probably asking this same question.
Unfortunately mainstream media including newspapers don’t want you to know. The only time they mention him is to portray him as unelectable and his positions as somehow radical or fringe.  So I am writing this letter to the editor, one of the few ways we still have as a free people to overcome such a media blackout.
Ron Paul is a United States representative from Texas who is running for president of the United States in the 2012 Republican primary (Feb. 28 in Michigan).  Here are a couple of things he stands for that I learned through my own due diligence online, not from any other form of mainstream media.
Roll back the size of the federal government, limiting it to only those powers given it by our Constitution.  Yeah that is really radical isn’t?  Imagine that, following the law of the land written by our founding fathers! Talk about fringe, OMG!  In his first year as president he would reduce federal spending by $1 trillion and have a balanced federal budget by his third year in office.  Not only is he specific about what he would do he itemizes where the cuts would come from. Check out his plan for America on his website www.ronpaul2012.com.
Audit and end the Federal Reserve Bank. This would expose the secretive FED to the light of day and is all it will take for the American people to see that it must be eliminated, as it was twice before in this nation’s history.  It is not a part of the government. It has no real reserves. It is not a bank. It is a privately owned for profit corporation which has manipulated getting complete control over our monetary system away from Congress in 1913.
Our Constitution gave that power exclusively to Congress for good reason.  People in private, for profit, corporations do not answer to the American people, but members of Congress do. When you look at the Constitution, go ahead take a read it is really short, you can see that it set up a government having branches, which had powers of checks and balances over each other.  Why, to prevent government abuse of power over the people.  Can you just imagine the power transfer away from the people which has occurred by giving a privately owned for profit corporation a monopoly over our money supply?
That’s the kind of power that can buy control of our media and our government representatives no matter what political party they belong to.  Ever wonder why no real change ever occurs in Washington, no matter whether Democrats or Republicans are in power? I suggest you watch the YouTube video called “The Money Masters.” It may answer that question better than I ever could in this limited venue.
The media tries to excuse their lack of coverage of Paul by saying he is unelectable and therefore irrelevant. The truth is they know he would be elected by a landslide if he had the benefit of fair coverage of his positions by the media.  They have an agenda and it is not to give unbiased informative coverage of all the candidates so that the voting public can make an informed choice.  It is not surprising when you find out that 95 percent of all the media are owned by six corporations.  That may not be a monopoly, but close enough.  If you have watched any debate or any network news you have observed how effectively they have blocked out this specific candidate.  The lone exception I have found presenting Ron Paul’s position is the “Freedom Watch” on Fox Business Network with Judge Napolitano weeknights at 8.
Who is Ron Paul?  He is a man of integrity, which is rare in a political leader these days. He has demonstrated this by his voting record, which has never wavered, from his principles in his more than 30 years in Congress.
And get this, he actually had a real job and a career as a medical doctor (gynecology) and has delivered more than 4,000 babies. He just celebrated an anniversary with his wife of 55 years. They have five children and 15 grandchildren. He is a man you can count on to do what he says he will do, and I don’t need to tell anyone how rare that is in a politician!

Gary Lewis