Smorgasbord like grandma made

Published 9:29 pm Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Presbyterian church members made this quilt, the first place raffle prize at the church's annual salad smorgasbord.

The Presbyterian women are busy again this year preparing for the annual salad smorgasbord and style show with this year’s theme, “Grandma’s Kitchen,” Thursday, March 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the Edwardsburg High School Gymnasium. Cost is $8 per person and ticket sales will start Feb. 26 at 11:30 a.m., immediately after worship service in the fellowship hall of the Presbyterian Church on Lake Street.
This year’s theme is a reflection and remembrance of our grandmas working in the kitchen with their aprons on baking pies, cookies and cakes. Decorations will take us all back to the era when most women stayed at home and wore house dresses and aprons to get their chores done.
The recipes when baking or cooking were from Betty Crocker cookbooks or family handed down recipes. Our grandmas did a lot of gardening and canning.
Doing laundry was much different using wash boards or the old ringer type wash tubs. Clothes were hung out on the clothes line to dry. The Presbyterian women quilted a beautiful “Grandma’s Fan Quilt” this year, which is the first place raffle.
For this year only the women will have a wonderful cookbook of salads on sale the evening of the event for $5 each.
Each year the salad smorgasbord is an array of many types of salads and the “famous” hot chicken salad. Salads are made by the women of the church and church friends to make our event such a huge success.
This year the cookbook will have many of the salad recipes with the hot chicken salad recipe on the first page.
The hot chicken salad recipe is what started the women’s salad smorgasbord some 41 years ago.  A group of women got together for a potluck lunch and everyone was enjoying the hot chicken salad and discussion soon was into making plans to have a fundraiser with the hot chicken salad being the main course.
To this day more than 400 ladies come to the salad smorgasbord for the hot chicken salad.
Tickets sales chairwomen are Noelle Stohler 663-8249 and Patty Patzer 699-7552.