$17 crime costly

Published 5:38 pm Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anthony Miller was able to pawn the DVD player he stole from the Cass County Department of Human Services for $17. He’ll be paying hundreds of dollars in court fees and spending the next 18 months on probation as a result.
That was the Dowagiac man’s sentence Friday in Cass County Circuit court on an attempted larceny in a building conviction.
“That $17 probably wasn’t worth a felony conviction,” said Judge Michael Dodge.
Defense attorney Lawrence Quigley called it a “serious lapse in judgement.”
Prosecutor Victor Fitz said it was a childish crime.
“Anthony Miller needs to grow up fast,” Fitz said.
For his part, Miller said he was going through tough financial times at the time of the incident but now has a job and steady income.