Artists wanted for exhibit

Published 8:19 pm Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Even though the Edwardsburg Museum is closed for the winter, work continues behind the scenes for the 2012 season. All of the exhibits for the new year have been selected and events have been identified.
The first exhibit will open the museum on May 14 and be in place until July 4. The title of the first will be “A Showcase of Edwardsburg Artists, Past Present and Future,” with a tribute to the Harris brothers.
Many people will ask who the Harris Brothers are and briefly they were Edwardsburg residents who were early recognized artists in the 1940s and 50s. Bette Larson Harris, the wife of Charles Harris has asked that a tribute be made to the four brothers who were Edwardsburg residents. Artwork of Charles Harris will be a part of the display.
This request provides an opportunity for all Edwardsburg artists to present their talents to the area.
All Edwardsburg artists are asked to display their work at the Showcase. The collection of artwork from Edwardsburg will be divided into three categories: past artists who have been residents of the area, with their art work on display.  The museum has several pieces from early artists in storage. These will be on display in the house section of the museum.
The present artist will be honored with a display of artwork from current residents. These will be installed in the gallery with a special section dedicated to the Harris brothers.
The third section will be a display of artwork from the future artists of the area. School children are invited to display their work. The high school art teacher Julie King and her students will be displaying their art talents.
Artwork will be accepted for displays in many mediums including oils, pastels, chalk, pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, crayon, human finger (with ink or paint), marker, pastel and  watercolor.
Each entry must be accompanied by a registration form which will include a title, a description of the artwork, personal notes by and about the artist. Each artist is asked to present only two pieces of artwork.
Artist awake! If you are an artist or know one who would like to participate, please contact Dorothy Skronski at (269) 664-288. Artwork needs to be submitted to the museum by May 9.
The museum will reserve the right to accept or reject an entrant.
Paint away people!