Cancer Service elects officers

Published 11:23 pm Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cass County Cancer Service has elected Maxine Ownby of Dowagiac as president.
She has been with the Cancer Service since 2008, joining as a volunteer because the nonprofit organization helped her with gas cards when she was traveling to St. Joseph every day for radiation treatments.
“I wanted to give back,” she said.
Other new officers are Vice President Jerry Ann Allen, Secretary Sue Toth, Treasurer Loretta Freshour and voting board members Ray Klomes, Judy Simpson and Linda Minnix, the outgoing president.
Cass County Cancer Service was established in 1991 by a group of concerned citizens with a desire to provide help and support to cancer patients. All members volunteer. No wages are paid.
As needs of cancer patients have changed, so did the Cancer Service.
In addition to loaning medical equipment, it provides financial assistance for needed prescriptions, nutritional supplements, gas cards and other necessities.
Wigs are provided through a local beautician.
Cass County Cancer Service is funded by individual donations, memorials, grants and fundraising events and receives no assistance — financial or otherwise — from the American Cancer Society.