’Tis season for scams

Published 8:42 pm Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Ontwa Township-Edwardsburg Police cautions citizens to be wary of phone scams.
It is the Christmas season and these scams take place about this time of year.
During such a scam, a very professional-sounding person calls and advises that a credit or debit card has been locked down so that the cardholder cannot use it. They need to verify the account information so that the card can be unlocked, or to resolve the problems with the card.
Do not give out any information personal or otherwise to anyone who is a stranger.
To verify this, the caller might even have the cardholder call a number that they give so that the cardholder may feel more comfortable giving them information. Do not use this number and instead call the bank, or stop in the bank and personally ask about your account to see if it is locked down for some reason.
If you have information to report that could help lead to an arrest in this crime/crime activity, contact police: 663-8444 or otepd@comcast.net.