Court reporter retiring

Published 8:34 pm Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CASSOPOLIS — With 39-year court reporter Vicki Knutson retiring Jan. 3, it’s the end of an era for Cass County Circuit Court and the beginning of a new one.
Circuit will be the last court to purchase a digital recording system.
County commissioners at their last 2011 meeting Thursday night approved Circuit Judge Michael Dodge’s request to buy such a system from BIS Digital for an amount not to exceed $21,464 from the court’s general fund budget.
Gov. William Milliken appointed Knutson Sept. 1, 1972, to the 43rd judicial circuit.
“Vicki was responsible for accurately recording, transcribing and maintaining court proceedings,” states Resolution 169, offered by Commissioner Ron Francis, R-Cassopolis.
“Vicki’s dedication and service to Cass County for the last 39 years has been greatly appreciated and will be missed … the board wishes Vicki the best in her retirement and future endeavors.”
“After securing price quotes and interviewing vendors,” said Commissioner Charles Arnold, R-Cassopolis, “the lowest quote — and vendor that services our other courts — is being recommended. The court reporter position is not being replaced. This savings in wages and benefits will pay for this system in less than five months.”
BIS Digital, based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., provided the system the county installed in District Court, as well as referee hearing rooms, according to Judge Dodge, who attended the meeting.
Another vendor’s bid would have exceeded $50,000.