Museum done with ’11

Published 10:08 pm Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Edwardsburg Museum is getting ready to close for the season. It will reopen next May. Plans are already under way for next year’s displays.
The first, in May, will be a tribute to Dick Harris, Richard Harris and Charles Harris. The three brothers graduated from Edwardsburg High School and grew up on the north side of Eagle Lake.
When Betty Larson Harris passed away recently she left the museum a monetary contribution in honor of the memory of the three brothers. An art exhibit will be dedicated to their memory and featured in the opening of the museum. Two of the brothers were artists and it seemed appropriate to honor their memory with an art show.
Local artists will be featured along with young artists from the Edwardsburg High School. Charles Harris drew the cover picture for one of the first high school yearbooks, which will be featured along with other of his artwork.
The second display for 2012 will be tribute to Vera Slechtova. Slechtova was the German teacher at the high school for many years and was the leader of numerous trips to Europe. All those who traveled with her are asked to contribute a memento of their trip.
Slechtova was born in Czechoslovakia, came to the United States and became the German teacher at the high school.  She was responsible for getting many Edwardsburg students and residents to enjoy the history and highlights of Germany and other countries. This gave many Edwardsburg residents a taste of the world.
The third display will focus on the quilters of the community. Many stitches have been produced in this area and this will be a chance to put on display the many hours of work put into the beautiful quilts. Any one willing to lend a quilt for the exhibit  is asked to contact the museum.
The last display of 2012 will be a tribute to John and Sally Dalrymple, who for the past few years have shared their collection of Dept. 56 villages. They have been generous with their time and talents to install their lighted village at the museum to be shared with the community.
Next year their display will be bigger and better. They have been collecting parts of the villages for years and are willing to share it for the holidays.
The year 2012 will be the 15th year since the idea of a museum was conceived by a small group of Edwardsburg residents. It will be a year of tributes to Edwardsburg: its history, its community and its talents.