Elves for foster kids

Published 8:11 pm Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Coalition for Cass County Foster Youth in Need’s mission is to raise  funds to support the annual holiday party by providing a gift to every foster child. To be equitable for all foster youth, the idea is to allocate up to $20 per youth for a gift.
These gifts will be bought for specific age groups and gender. This will allow all 8-year-old boys to get the same gift.
Committee members include Kristen Williams, Department of Human Services; Amy Anderson, Educational Talent Search at Southwestern Michigan College; Tom Atkinson, Dowagiac Public Safety; MaKenzie Kreiner, Cass County Sheriff’s Office and Council on Aging; Tanda Stiffler, Edwardsburg Lions Club and Presbyterian Church; Scott Wyman, Cass County Parks and Recreation; and Phillip Esarey, Cass County Sheriff’s Office and Knights of Columbus.