Shame on ‘Occupy’ rallies

Published 2:55 pm Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dear editor:

In my lifetime, I participated in civil rights marches, demonstrations against war, demonstrations in support of war and rallies from tens to millions.
I was a part of the March on D.C. on Sept.12, 2009, when about 2.8 million patriots from all over came to proclaim with one voice: “Stop! Enough, we are not socialist/communists,” only to be met with media and Democratic pooh-pooh. All told in 2009-10, I went four times to D.C., and every time there were no arrests and we cleaned the Mall of debris before we left.
Now, people occupy private property in New York City, and the law does nothing. On the TV and internet today, I watch as people think it’s OK to leave feces, urine and trash in public areas and not allow others to come and clean up the mess. Thousands of arrests continue to grow as this spreads across the nation.
I’m proud to be a member of the Tea Party and The 912 Project. We love this country, and we would die to protect her. Under no circumstance would we trash it and want to see its constitutional republic destroyed, as do the protesters want today.
What bothers me most is that our president and the Democrats in D.C. support, encourage and appear to be coordinating the events of Occupy Wall Street and other protests. The people in political power that support and coordinate illegal activities against the government are committing treason, offering grounds for impeachment and more.
Shame on them. It sickens me to see this trash and desire for communist overthrow of our nation. Where will it stop?

Scott Davis