Man sentenced for raping, beating alleged prostitute

Published 9:20 am Friday, October 7, 2011

CASSOPOLIS — A Union man who raped and beat up a former girlfriend is headed to prison.
Scotty Culbertson, 50, was sentenced to a nine- to 15-year term Friday in Cass County Circuit Court. He will receive credit for 53 days already served.
The incident took place in July when, according to Judge Michael Dodge, Culbertson raped a woman in his Union apartment. The assault lasted several hours with Culbertson choking the woman, causing her to pass out several times, according to her report to officers. She also claims he threatened to kill her.
The woman, who Culbertson claimed was a prostitute, was able to escape after kneeing him the groin. He was able to catch up to her outside, assaulting her again and trying to bring her back into the apartment. A neighbor witnessed the attack and came to her rescue.
Prosecutor Victor Fitz called it a “chilling incident.”
“Whether a king or a pauper, yes means yes and no means no,” Fitz said.
Defense attorney Philip Harrison said the victim “brought some of this on herself.” Harrison said his client claims they had spent the whole day together and had sex earlier in the day. Harrison said they both were intoxicated when she returned and the incident took place.
Harrison said the combination of alcohol, Harrison’s “terrible temper” and the woman returning to his apartment, led to the incident.
“She was gone. She had left. She decided to come back. Why? I don’t know,” Harrison said.
Fitz said it was “really sad” Culbertson and his counsel were trying to “blame this on the victim.”
Harrison also pointed out that Culbertson’s employer was in the courtroom in support of him.
“He said he’s the best worker he’s ever had,” Harrison said.
For his part, Culbertson tried to explain the situation surrounding the assault.
“We were both intoxicated and it became a full-blown altercation,” he said, admitting it was wrong.
Culbertson had an extensive violent prior criminal history, which contributed to his lengthy prison sentence.