A Tea Partier’s View: Meet the U.S. Senate candidates

Published 5:11 pm Thursday, September 29, 2011

I’m a baby boomer now the age of a speed limit I can’t drive (the limit set by during the OPEC Oil Embargo). Why aren’t we energy independent yet?
I get really bewildered when I reflect on the mistakes we make, and then we turn around and make them again and again. So, it does not matter if you are 55 or 15, sometimes we just don’t learn from our mistakes.
Our country’s in serious trouble and sadly, our county’s even worse. I did not realize how bad the county situation until a PowerPoint presentation was prepared for the upcoming U.S. Senate candidates’ “Meet Cass County” events (more on the events soon). There’s hope, but we as a community must make the changes and get it right this time.
What if we elect the wrong people next year to run our nation and local government? What happens if or when we as a nation become bankrupt and the dollar collapses? What happens to our schools, county and townships? Not to mention our homes, property and the few jobs that remain here? This is why next year’s election is probably the most important in my lifetime.
Through the years, many of us voted for the parties selected elected because they were the only choice on the ballot. The party elite don’t care much about Cass County, and they endorse the folks they want without much input from us common folks. Our media mostly represents Indiana, not Michigan (Thank you, Leader Publications).
I say enough of that nonsense. It’s time we, the people of Cass County, take the time to meet the candidates and get behind the ones we believe will best serve us, not the big money special interests and party power brokers.
To try and make that happen, we invited as many U.S. Senate candidates we can communicate with to come and spend a day in Cass County. The August primary and November general elections are a long way away, but if we can get them to come here before next year, then we can Vet them before we vote. So far, four are committed and there are more to come: Pete Konetchy, Oct. 4; Gary Glenn, Oct. 19; Randy Hekman, Nov. 1; and Clark Durant, Nov. 16.
The Michigan Presidential Primary’s on Feb. 28. We will invite as many presidential candidates to come. We may need to team up with surrounding counties, but let’s see how it goes first.
Last year was the first time many of us ever got politically involved, and many candidates came and talked with us in town hall discussions. Between Oct. 4 and our elections next year, we need to learn as much as we can and make the absolute best decisions we can, or those questions asked above may get answered because of our mistakes. We elect them!
We hope you can come and meet the candidates that come here to meet us.